Movement for the Restoration of Vedic Wisdom

The Veda is the oldest extant spiritual scripture on earth. Its name, “Veda” -  the Knowledge, is the received name for the highest spiritual truth of which the human mind is capable. Over the millennia however this high knowledge became lost or corrupted. “As the Veda had passed from the sage to the priest, wrote Sri Aurobindo, so now it began to pass from the hands of the priest into the hands of the scholar. And in that keeping it suffered the last mutilation of its sense and the last diminution of its true dignity and sanctity.” Today, the demands of truth and the spiritual needs of mankind call for a restoration of the Vedic truths…truths which represent a unique penetration into the nature of existence and which point to an advanced knowledge of the laws of the universe bordering on modern theories of particle physics, quantum mechanics and cosmology.


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